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    Why Do Enterprises Need IoT Devices to Management Platforms?

    Ⅰ. The value of Neoway IoT perception platform

    1. Open device access: It is characterized by multi-way self-service access, fully automatic embedded, semi-automatic drag and drop, and manual plug-in programming. Hardware protocol decoupling reduces hardware-side SDK dependence, protects the intellectual property rights of hardware manufacturers' private protocols, and promotes the rapid development of ecological cooperation.

    2. The governance of IoT data island: The management model can be customized, regional grid management can be adopted, and the IoT data map can be used.

    3. The open system of multi-scenario IoT service: The definition of open rule is highly suitable for users with business experience but no programming ability. It has rich API data interfaces and customizable rule filtering interfaces.

    4. Lightweight and low-cost deployment: Microservice packages belonging to platform capabilities have independent automation scripts. Build product forms in different industries on demand, support cloud-based, privatized logic or containerized lightweight deployment, effectively improve its resource utilization, and reduce usage costs.

    Ⅱ. Advantages of Neoway IoT Perception Platform

    1. Diversified access: There are multiple options for access methods and multiple access protocols (MQTT, CoAP, HTTP/HTTPS, Modbus, OPCUA, proprietary protocols, etc.) to meet the requirements of various devices and access scenarios.

    2. Quick access: Through the plug-in mechanism and simulation tools, the process of device access to the platform is effectively simplified and the difficulty of device access to the platform is reduced.

    3. Stable performance: Service resources can be flexibly expanded, supporting tens of millions of device access and millions of message concurrency. Service availability is 99.9%.

    4. Safe and reliable: There are multiple authentication methods such as one machine and one password, two-way certificate authentication. Multiple transmission encryption protocols ensure channel security, and data privacy protection complies with EU GDPR standards.

    Ⅲ. The management platform of IoT devices is a relatively important function point of the Neoway perception platform

    It is very important in the IoT value chain for four reasons:

    1. IoT devices accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs

    The management platform of IoT devices help solution developers reduce development and testing time and bring products to market in a timely manner. Furthermore, the architecture of IoT enables users to easily deploy at scale and drives the future development of IoT solutions. In addition, simplifying automated network and device management tasks allows users to focus on core expertise while reducing costs.

    2. IoT devices enable and disable device

    Smart devices do not automatically connect to the Internet of Things. For the user's information security, automatic connections should also not be made. The management tools of IoT devices can help users configure and add in a simple and straightforward manner.

    Through the WEB interface, users can register end nodes and connect them to authorized base stations (using their network keys and credentials) to authenticate them and establish secure communications. Only through authentication are nodes allowed to join the network and transmit data securely through network-level encryption. Likewise, if deployed nodes are no longer needed, users can easily remove them from the web user interface.

    3. The management platform of IoT devices simplifies network monitoring and troubleshooting

    As IoT deployments scale to hundreds or even thousands of geographically dispersed nodes, manual troubleshooting can become inefficient and costly. On the other hand, if end nodes are left completely unattended, there is a risk that critical business data will not be received when it is most needed.

    The management platform of IoT devices provides users with a detailed view of all network traffic, registered nodes and their status. If a user has multiple base stations in a network, it can act as a central hub to aggregate data across base stations. This is especially useful for monitoring and diagnosing unexpected problems with networks and devices.

    4. The management platform of IoT devices reduces security risks

    Cyberattacks are increasingly sophisticated, and the connected components of IoT networks, including base stations and routers, must always be equipped with newer security features. Manual methods cannot meet the need for constant and timely updates to these critical network infrastructures. In this case, management tools of IoT devices can deliver security updates remotely, saving users money. In addition, network monitoring of all day helps to identify abnormal patterns in a timely manner, for example, it may indicate a surge in breached data traffic.

    The management platform of IoT devices provides simplified provisioning, centralized management and real-time insights for all current devices and integrations to help businesses stay on top of IoT deployments.

    There Are Many Advantages of Wireless Modules...
    When Are IoT Devices Prone to Be Scrapped?
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